Trojan on 1929 MCC Sporting Trial

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Autocar Glass Plate B2879
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Frazer Sloan (not verified)

That's not THE Trojan of Scroggs as it's a Utility coachwork whereas RK-9788 which made Scroggs famous was a 3-door tourer and still survives today.

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Here's a picture of Arthur Scroggs in RK 9788. I've seen him called Wing Commander and Group Captain so obviously a jolly good chap.

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Bill Scroggs (not verified)

That's actually my grandfather Harold Sidney Scroggs RAF Group Captain, he often lent his car to a famous woman driver in the 1930's....... Alas he died during WW2 in 1943 at RAF Thorney Island

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The famous woman driver was Pat Stocken who campaigned the Trojan very successfully.
This from the Trojan Owner's Club....."Before the Second World War, Trojans were campaigned by people such as Group Captain Scroggs, Joe Pidgeon and Mr Robbins of HRG fame. Over the ensuing years they have become heroes of mine and I admire their endeavours very much.

Into the 1950s more Trojan Club members took up the mantle as well as Arthur Scroggs and friends. Patricia Stocken in her Utility, put on the road by Arthur Scroggs, and to be campaigned for the next 50 years."

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