Tim Carson in Vauxhall TT at 1928 BARC Easter Meeting

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Autocar Glass Plate A9436
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Following the TT Vauxhall is the 5-litre Delage II, driven at this event by Clowes. This is the car so beautifully restored post-war by Nigel Arnold-Forster, and used by him to great effect in the hey-day of VSCC racing in the late 60s/early 70s. To add to the nostalgia, I believe the TT Vauxhall here is being driven by Tim Carson, for so many years the much revered Secretary of the VSCC.

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This is indeed a picture of Tim Carson who with a group of friends formed the VSCC from a pub which still exists today (The Phoenix) and of which Tim was the landlord. It was in this car at Brooklands Tim broke the 200 kilometer record in 1928. As his Grandson I would be very grateful if anyone else has any other photographs or information.

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