Talbot in the pits at 1930 Le Mans 24 Hour

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Autocar Glass Plate B4205
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Julian Hunt

Brian Lewis refuels as George Day the Head of the Test Department at Clement Talbot and Don Wilcockson, Chief Mechanic of Fox and Nichol (kneeling on the pit counter) check (probably the carburettor) under the bonnet. Only the drivers could work on the cars at Le Mans.

The half the lead ingot equivalent to three passengers is clearly visible bolted to the chassis (the other half was of course on the other side), Bentleys mounted theirs above the front dumb irons.

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Julian Hunt

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I should have remembered that by 1930 Bentleys had got enough weight at the front and mounted the lead weights elsewhare as the photos of Old No.1 and Chassagne with the 4½ litre Supercharged car illustrate.

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