Talbot at 1930 Ards TT

Talbot at 1930 Ards TT
Talbot at 1930 Ards TT

Autocar Glass Plate B4760



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  • Julian Hunt
    Tuesday, February 16, 2016

    This photo appears in the Blight 'Bible' - "Georges Roesch and the Invincible Talbot". The Talbot has just landed after climbing the bank on the outside of Quarry Corner and landing on its wheels. As Blight points out, the deflexion of the rear wings is plain to see and it is no wonder that the fairing over the front of the chassis was distorted and fouled the brake lever, jamming the front brakes intermittently from there on. Nevertheless Eaton, with his chauffer Oliver in the mechanic's seat, finished at 67.01mph, 14th overall and third in the three-litre class.