Starting grid for 1929 JCC High Speed Trials at Brooklands

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Autocar Glass Plate B2267
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21 P W Marriage (Amilcar), 22 A L Baker (Salmson), 23 W B Battersby (Salmson), 24 S Watt (Fiat), 25 Victoria Worsley (Jowett), 26 N Jupp (Riley), 27 B E Alston (Riley), 28 R J Searle (Amilcar), 29 Miss J Weekes (Riley),30 G A C H Black (Salmson), 31 C W D Chinery (Riley), 32 A E Curtis (Amilcar), 33 H S Davidson (Amilcar), 35 A M C Jameson (Salmson).

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Iain Rae (not verified)

I believe the car 4th from the right is No. 44. This fits in with the numerical way in which the cars were set out.
The car and the 2 figures look remarkably like the car and 2 figures behind car 190 in Autoglass Plate B2141

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