Start of 90mph Long Handicap at 1927 BARC Whit Monday Meeting

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Autocar Glass Plate A7778
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This is the line-up for the start of the 28th 90mph Long Handicap. 1 W B Scott (Bugatti), 2 L T Redburn (Bugatti), 5 "R Wilson" (Austro-Daimler), 4 C M Harvey (Alvis), 7 G W Olive (EHP), 8 Dick Watney (Stutz), 9 A W Hayes (EHP), 10 R F Oats (OM), out of sight no 11 A H Whale (Calthorpe), 12 F King (Lagonda), 14 J D Benjafield (Salmson) and 15 Kaye Don (Lea-Francis). Already departed are 16 F H Boyd-Carpenter (Austin) and A B Elford (Amilcar).

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Chris Redburn (not verified)

Thats is my Grandfather in the Bugatti no 2. I still have the cup at home that he won for second place.

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