Start of 1931 Southport sand race

1931 Southport
1931 Southport
1931 Southport
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Autocar Glass Plate B7198
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RX8629 is another M.G. Montlhery Midget with chassis number C 0267. Here driven to 2nd in class by the first owner, S.A. Crabtree, who was originally a motor cyclist. He was killed during the motor cylce races on the Isle of Mann in 1934. The car is still about.

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adrian smith (not verified)

competitor 82 is Whitney Straight in Brooklands Riley
his results:
class 105, flying mile, 3rd @ 81.05 mph
class 23, 20 mile race, 2nd.
two existing cars lay claim to be the "ex. Whitney Straight" Brooklands Riley

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