Nuvolari, Varzi & Campari at 1930 Ards TT race

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Autocar Glass Plate B4731
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Tazio Nouvolari centre top, Achille Varzi on the left next to the suited man with flat cap, and Giuseppe Campari on the right; I don't recognise the driver with the check cap in the middle of the front row.

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Guest (not verified)

I believe that the chap in the centre is Amedeo Bignami, Nuvolari's riding mechanic. Nuvolari (note spelling) won the race, with Campari second and Varzi third.

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Julian Hunt

The man in the suit and cap on the left is Aldo Giovannini the Alfa Romeo Team Manager. The small man in the centre of the front row may well be works mechanic Decimo Compagnoni who rode in many racers as mechanic to Nuvolari and often with Campari (a distinct advantage as he was small). I think Amedeo Bignami is half hidden behind Varzi with his arm over his shoulder

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