Lea Francis team at 1929 Irish Grand Prix

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Autocar Glass Plate B2316
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Guest (not verified)

L-R the four drivers, Gordon Burney (I think), Sammy Davis, Wilf Green and Jimmy Shaw, then mechanic John Lee. I don't know identity of the chap on the right .

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Allan Lupton (not verified)

I'm pretty sure that the chap on the right is Jack Hewitson who rode with Sammy Davis to second place.
B2321 shows them together in the car.

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Guest Alan Lea (not verified)

It's John Lea, not Lee. I know because he was my father. He was 19 in 1929. My mother was a tracer (another lost occupation) at Lea-Francis (no family connection known). She is one of the girls on a Hyper in Barry Price's book. They married in 1936

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