Lea-Francis at 1930 Ards TT

Lea-Francis at 1930 Ards TT
Lea-Francis at 1930 Ards TT

Autocar Glass Plate B4781




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  • Colin P
    Monday, October 22, 2018

    Peacock is driving No. 37 the Lea-Francis, Avon bodied, four-seater S-Type (Hyper) 14183, registered VC 5108, which was built for his entry, with Newsome, for the 1930 Le Mans (where they finished 6th overall and first in class). This car was sold to Sweden in 1932 and was subsequently destroyed by fire. Driscoll, with Dan Higgin beside him, is following in car No.38. This also an S-Type (Hyper), but with the more conventional fabric Cross & Ellis TT two-seater body. It is chassis 14139 and was registered KD 7361. In about 1936 this car was aquired by Noel Bean who eventually scrapped most of it, using the engine and gearbox in a special with Riley and Bugatti parts. The registration of this car is still in use and was transferred to another S-Type Lea-Francis, chassis 14062 in the 1970's.