Holly Birkett & Jenks in Austin 7 on 1949 Unknown Trial

Denis Jenkinson
Denis Jenkinson
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autocar Glass Plate C23654
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Geoff Harrison

Geoff Harrison
Looks very much like him - I would think that it could be Holland Birkett driving , possibly one of the Cotswold area trials ( Gloucester ?) by the terrain .
Good to see some trials cars - keep the pics coming !

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Who is DSJ?

It could well be Holly Birkett, another photo of the same car had his name written on the plate wrapper.

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Julian Hunt

Julian Hunt

The driver is almost certainly Holly Birkett in his Ulster with the enlarged "spare-wheel slot" which was big enough to take a Labrador. The passenger is definitely Denis Jenkinson. I think the hill is Nailsworth Ladder near Dursley.

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Guest (not verified)

Front axle looks like an independent front suspension 'swing axle' Axle sawn in half with eyes welded in middle where pivoted on a plate added to nosepiece of chassis. Also track rod split and pivoted on fixed points on plate.
Dennis Nicholas 02 May 2008

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Colin Butchers (not verified)

Might possibly be the upper reaches of Mill Lane, Andrew, but my vote must go to the upper reaches of Crooked Mustard which in those days could well have been known as "Breakheart".

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