Cars from the RSAC Light Car Trial

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Autocar Glass Plate A426
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Greg Wrapson

Thanks to Donald Cowbourne's superb series of books on the classic
trials and rallies, we can identify most of the cars in this lovely pic.
B5 is W H Oates Lagonda; B11 A Bovier Salmson; B21 A E Bull Amilcar;
B37 H Kennedy Rob Roy; E34 T Shaw Charron-Laycock; E45 C M Harvey Alvis;
C35 P G Black Vulcan; C36 A Scott Vulcan; C47 R A Richards Citroen;
C7 A Alexander Swift. C32 (far right) is G Ellis BSA. Centre background is
the second Alvis entry, driven by J H Balfour.

Pedantic note: Strictly this event was known as the Royal Scottish Automobile
Club's "Light Car Trials" (although it did last for 6 days!). It was held only
in 1922. The series of "Six Days Scottish Trials" held between 1919 and 1928
were the preserve of the Edinburgh & District Motor Club.

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Absolutely correct; the RSAC 1922 event was completely separate from the principally motor cycle Scottish Six Days Trial which was first run in 1909 (five days only) and continues to the present time. Cars were not always included and last took part in 1933.

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