Austro-Daimler and Lea-Francis at 1929 Essex MC 6 Hour Race

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Autocar Glass Plate B2174
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The leading car is the Austro-Daimler driven by K Eggar. Following is the Lea-Francis of Kenneth Peacock and Sammy Newsome.

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The lea Francis is at the coventry transport museum and is undergoing works to return it to a road worthy condition.

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The Lea Francis VC 440 is currently in a roadworthy condition, and is on display in the motorsport galery at Coventry Transport Museum where I work as a Historic Vehicle Technician. I had the pleasure of driving it back to Coventry from the Silverstone Classic event earlier this year where it was displayed on the museum's exhibition stand.

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Lesley (not verified)

The Lea Francis VC 440 took part in the Coventry Festival of Motoring on Sunday 25th August 13 which is organised by the Coventry Transport Museum every year on August bank holiday weekend. I am pleased to say I was the passenger during the run, approx. 60 miles, and it was brilliant. Fantastic experience :-)

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