Austin 7 Standard Sports on 1925 Colmore Cup Trial

1925 Colmore Cup Trial
1925 Colmore Cup Trial
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Autocar Glass Plate A4176
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OL3443 still with trumpets, doors, a high scuttle and therefore a Standard Sports. Those wings also date the body on OL3443

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Tony Press (not verified)

This is JG Orford again- he seems to have always used OL 3443 on his Austin sports cars- this is his Standard Sports, later he ran an Ulster, possibly with company support. He first drove a Standard Sports in early 1924 but these wings have the flanged edge which I believe arrived later. The scuttle 'ventilators' don't appear on the early cars.

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Martin Rhodes (not verified)

And in 1930's J G Orford competed in an Austin Grasshopper AOV343. There seems to be remarkably little information available about him despite him trialling in A7's from mid 1920's to late 1930's.He also competed at Shelsley and at Brooklands.

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