Alfa Romeos at 1929 Irish Grand Prix

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Autocar Glass Plate B2304
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This race was run in two parts, up to 1500cc on the Friday, (winner to receive the Saorstat Cup) and over 1500cc on the Saturday. The Grand Prix Eireann Cup went to the driver putting up the best performance on either day. Boris Ivanowski, seen here in the 6C 1500cc Alfa Romeo no 30 on the Friday, cleaned up, winning both events. On the Saturday he drove a 1750cc 4-seater which had been sold to a customer of the UK agent F W Stiles, who sportingly agreed to allow it to take part in the race in return for a share in any prize money. It proved to be a good investment.

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Ref: 1929 Irish Grand Prix was decided on handicap over two days racing - Friday's Saorstát Cup race for cars up to 1500 c.c. and Saturday's Éireann Cup race for cars over 1500 c.c. The overall winner of the Irish International Grand Prix was awarded the Phoenix Trophy who completed the race distance in the fastest time over the two races, under handicap. As it happens, Boris Ivanowski won both, as you mentioned. He initially wasn't entered for the Éireann Cup race on the Saturday as the entry shows the #18 car was initially entered for Hon. Anthony Brunner by F.W. Stiles (the Alfa Romeo importer in the UK).

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