ABC and Slim on 1923 Land's End Trial

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Autocar Glass Plate A1380
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Driver / Mechanic / Passenger
Entry Number
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Greg Wrapson

312 is A O Woodhead's ABC. 313 is an extremely obscure marque
called a Slim (or SLIM?) driven by L Contamin. This courtesy of
Donald Cowbourne's 1919-28 British Trials Drivers. (Donald sadly
died a few weeks ago).

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Guest Adrian P… (not verified)

The ABC was owned & driven by E.O (Edward Ogden) Woodhead, my wife's uncle. He got a bronze medal which I have.
He got a gold medal in the same car in the MCC London Exeter trial Boxing Day 1923.

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Guest Adrian P… (not verified)

PS The MCC London Lands End Trial was 30/31st March 1923; clearly marked on Woodhead's Bronze Medal.
Presumably Autocar report/photo was published in April

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