1933 BARC Opening Meeting

1933 BARC Opening Meeting
1933 BARC Opening Meeting
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Autocar Glass Plate B9640
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It's G.W.J.H. Wright in a M.G. C-type (chassis number C 0289, registration GP 2913) during the fifth race of the day, the "Weybridge Junior Mountain Handicap". The date was March 11. I don't believe the car is still around, although parts of it were back in 1991.

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Agreed. Engine number was AA141. James Wright told me he failed to turn off either the ignition or the petrol tap before he bailed out and therefore the fire took much longer to quench. I understood that Charles (Chaz) Jones acquired some surviving components of the car from Barry Foster in 1991 and was intending to reconstruct a complete car.

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