1931 JCC Members' Day

This photo is from a small box marked Brooklands and Le Mans and is a copy negative taken from a glass plate so the quality isn't great. Prints could be done, please get in touch via the contact page if you want a print, (including the page number 167).

1931  JCC Members' Day
1931  JCC Members' Day
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PL667 is a Wolseley Hornet rather than a Morris Minor although the Hornet was originally intended to be a six cylinder version of the Morris Minor!
The corner is not on the Brooklands Outer Circuit but is the exit from the Paddock entrance tunnel as the 1931 JCC event ran clockwise round the Outer Circuit and down the slip road to the tunnel.

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PL 667, a Hoyal-bodied two-seater, was owned by Anthony E S Curtis of Epsom, who went on to run Antone, the public address company which operated at motor sport events before and after the war. He was later a well-known HRG exponent.

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