1929 JCC Double Twelve practice

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Autocar Glass Plate B1532
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Guest (not verified)

Tim Birkin in practice in the prototype 'blower' 4 1/2-litre Bentley. In the race itself he co-drove H N Holder's unsupercharged 4 1/2. They retired after 18 hours with big-end failure.

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Guest (not verified)

Assuming that it is the actual race number, the Alfa-Romeo no 60 was driven by Jack Dunfee and P K Bamber.

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mike bassett (not verified)

A dear old friend of ours recently passed us a copy of C Clutton and J Standfords's The Vintage Motor Car, last printed 1961 and featuring YU3250 Bentley on the front cover.

A little spooky, we have a 1929 Austin 16/6, lovingly restored by David McCurrie of Hinckley, who sadly died last year with the registration number UW3250 (central London registration) A not so fast car but still going strongly on gentle rides out.

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Lynette Kelway James (not verified)

I am trying to find out whether P K Bamber was my mother's first cousin Paul Kelway Bamber and would be grateful for any further information on him.

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