1928 JCC 200

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Studio Neg S64-2335
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GuestBeatrice Brown (not verified)

no 28 is CK chase in Mr Jo-Jo, no 29 is JP Dingle's GE Brooklands Spl and no 30 HC Spero in Mrs Jo-Jo. The event is the JCC 200, 21 July 1928.

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Guest (not verified)

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I'm very interested in more information about my Great Uncle CK Chase and Mr Jo Jo
if you have any information or links please can you send them through.

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Guest (not verified)

No 1 (behind the photographer is R Plunket Greene's Frazer Nash, no 2 is R F Oats (OM), no 3 is Campbell (Delage), no 4 is the Eyston Bugatti, no 5 is the Frazer Nash entered and to have been driven by Archie F-N, but he was indisposed and his place was taken by Hon Brian Lewis, no 6 is Dudley Benjafield (Bugatti), 8 is Bill Urquhart Dykes (Alvis), 9 is Tim Rose-Richards (Bugatti), 10 is Kaye Don (Lea-Francis), 11 is R M V Sutton (Lea-Francis), 17 is Dan Higgin (Talbot).

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Pat Cooney , n… (not verified)

Dan Higgin was my father and I have been researching his driving carreer . I would be very interested to hear from any one who has any information about his racing driving carreer. Please contact me through my E mail address. Many thanks in anticipation.

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