1928 JCC 200 Mile Race, Brooklands

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Autocar Glass Plate B317
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29 is Dingle in the GE Brooklands PD4930, its last competitive appearance: blew a head gasket, repaired, but finally retired on lap 27 out of 73 laps. Of interest: this was Dingle's last outing in PD4930. Dingle withdrew from racing in '29 and no further reference to PD is known.
25 in the foreground was to be driven by George Coldicutt. Jack Pares was the owner. Retired on lap 15 with all sorts of misfiring and failed efforts to cure the problems.
Campbell won in his Delage. Eyston second in Bugatti
Thanks to BC-B for refs

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The driving of Bugatti no 4 was shared between George and Basil Eyston. They came second in the race.

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