1928 BARC Whitsun Meeting

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Autocar Glass Plate A9781
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JWd (not verified)

Type 37A - Wire wheels, smallish but unusually parallel-sided (suggestive of the smaller T35 varieties - the narrow T37 rad sides follow the line of the GP bodywork) rad still showing a past racing number 7 (not so significant) and supercharger relief hole. The dual cowl suggests a touring or riding mechanic interest. Those are not well-based rims, either: small brakes and Rudge-Whitworth BE wheels & usual 2-lug spinners. No sign of an aero windscreen.

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Guest (not verified)

The result of P H Turnbull's Bugatti having collided with R F Oats' OM after spinning on the banking during the Gold Star handicap. Both cars were badly damaged, but without serious injury to the crews.

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