1928 Ards TT

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Autocar Glass Plate B517
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'Owlet' according to David Thirlby (the name deriving from the two small circular rear windows). The car belonged to Mrs Eric Burt (whose husband was MD of Mowlems and financed the British Anzani Engineering Co) and was driven in the TT by H J Aldington. It was said that the engine was so tired that the time it took to start negated any benefit from not having to put up a hood at the start of the race. 35 is Plunket Greene's Frazer Nash. 28 is one of the two F N (not Frazer Nash!) cars entered, seen passing C M Harvey's FWD Alvis, which also proved reluctant to start.

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33 is Willday's Alvis, Harvey's is the one still stationary at the pit counter in this shot (beside no 28).

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