1927 British Grand Prix

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Autocar Glass Plate A8700
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Collados (not verified)

N° 5 Eyston G T 39A
N° 10 Conelli T 39 A
N° 11 Materassi T 39 A
N° 12 Chiron T 39 A
N° 14 ?? T 35?

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Daniel Brooks (not verified)

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Is prince Ghika in No14? Is it a T37a? 1.5litres limitation at 1927 British Grand Prix. The other Bugattis are T39, 1.5l 8 cylindre cars. Perhaps Ghika is driving 37298. He substantially damaged his car at Boulogne he month before the British Grand Prix. He could have only participated witha replacement car from the Bugatti Usine.

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Mark Hughes (not verified)

Left to right: Edmond Bourlier’s Delage, the almost totally obscured sister car of Robert Benoist, Malcolm Campbell’s special-bodied Bugatti T39A, the Delage of Albert Divo (4), the Thomas Special of Harold Purdy, Caberto Conelli’s partially-obscured Bugatti T39A, the lowline Thomas Special of WB (Bummer) Scott, Emilio Materassi’s Bugatti T39A (11), the sister car of Louis Chiron (12) and the T37A of Prince Ghika (14). Missing from shot is the Bugatti of Sammy Davis/George Eyston.

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