1926 London to Land's End Trial

1926 London to Land's End Trial

Autocar Glass Plate A5797



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    • Guest
      Sunday, April 12, 2009

      The Autocar's caption: "Waiting Their Turn. Competitors lining up near Barbrook Mill to await their turn up Beggar's Roost".

    • John Griffith
      Wednesday, September 17, 2014

      This photo confused me at first, but the title is correct. These vehicles are approaching Barbrook from Lynmouth/Lynton. The photographer is standing just opposite the branching of Riddaway Hill from the current main road. A row of houses now stands on the flattish area between the road and W Lyn river. The permanent way of the L&B railway is evident towards the top of the picture - the line closed in 1935. Many, many more trees in evidence nowadays!