1926 BARC Whitsun Meeting

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Autocar Glass Plate A6012
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R-L : The Astons of Basil and George Eyston, Lea-Francis (Norris), the Boulogne Frazer-Nash which I think belonged at this time to Thistlethwayte, 12/50 Alvis, Salmson (Newman ?), Austin, Salmson (Benjafield ?), Austin, Bugatti, OM (R F Oats), the Nazzaro of Chevrollier.

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The Boulogne Frazer Nash (No 10) was driven in this race (75mph Long Handicap) by Dudley Benjafield, the 12/50 Alvis no 9 by H Aldridge. Beyond him, George Newman's Salmson, George Duller's Austin, H E Hazlehurst's Salmson, Vernon Balls' Amilcar (with streamlined cowl), Malcolm Campbell's Bugatti, Oats' OM and G Chevrollier's Nazzaro.

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