1925 MCC High Speed Reliability Trials

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Autocar Glass Plate A5453
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2 is C L Simon's Salmson, 3 is R C Porter's Amilcar, 4 is S E Ellis' Amilcar, 5 is H F T Porter's Amilcar, 9 is J F Deverill's Gwynne, 10 is C M C Turner's Gwynne, 11 is C M Anthony's Senechal, 12 is P D Clegg's Senechal, 14 is B Norris' Rhode, 17 is unknown, 24 is H J Aldington's Frazer-Nash, and 27 is E P Paxman's Frazer-Nash. To the left of no 9, no 34 is Bill Urquhart Dykes in his 12-50 Alvis.

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Keith Bowman (not verified)

The person driving Frazer Nash no 24 is probably Richard Twelvetrees, an editor of Motor Sport. there is a picture of him in that car (PE3339) wearing that trilby hat, at what appears to be Brooklands, in the Thirlby/Bancroft Frazer Nash book. The car was used as the works demonstrator in 1925.

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