1925 London to Gloucester Trial

1925 London to Gloucester Trial
1925 London to Gloucester Trial
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Autocar Glass Plate A5571
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Richard Hubbard (not verified)

Was standard sports a class of racing or a model name?
The term standard sports seems to come up in relation to several breeds of cars around that period.
If it was a class, what were the specifications for that type of racing?

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Malcolm Parker (not verified)

The 'Standard Sports' was the first factory built sports Austin 7. It was essentially a chummy with pointed tail, raked windscreen and wings and a lowered seating position. Later examples used standard chummy wings. OL166 is the factory supported trials car, usually campaigned by Wallace Milton who I believe was a London dentist. The number plate OL166 was originally on one of the 'Boulogne' fabric bodied Austin 7 racers, pictures of which are on this super website.

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