1925 BARC Easter Meeting

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Autocar Glass Plate A4402
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Vladimir Kovalenko (not verified)

This is probably 90 mph Short Handicap. Car No.1 (hidden by car No.2) is Glen Kidston's Bugatti. Cars No.2 and 8 are Crossleys. One of them was driven by Leon Cushman to 3rd place. Car No.3 is Thomas Special but drives is not probably Parry Thomas himself.

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Guest (not verified)

2: 30-98 Vauxhall (Jack Barclay?); 3: Thomas Special (Gedge); 4: Austin 20 ("Sergeant Murphy")Felix Scriven; 5: Nazzaro (Miller); 6: Salmson (Wilson-Jones); 7: Aston-Martin (Razor Blade); 8: Crossley (Leon Cushman); 9(?) Austin (Depper); 10(?) Itala (Campbell).

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