1924 MAC Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb

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Autocar Glass Plate A3450
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FK 133 in the foreground is a Model T Ford; second row on the left is a Lancia Lambda.
May we have an enlargement so that we can get a better look at the other cars? - I cannot locate the registration numbers you have quoted (failing eyesight on my part, no doubt!)

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That's better, thanks! NT 3528 is the Lancia. On the second row we have NX 4814 Rover 8, 054 OA is presumably on trade playes, and could be a 5CV Citroen, E6821 is a Daimler. On the third row, in front of FD 2467 the saloon looks like a Fiat, and the car between E 6821 and FD 2467 I think is a Swift (with an Alvis 12/40 on row 4 beyond). Back on row 3, the car in front of E 6821 is another Daimler with an Aero Morgan next to it. Further along this row, are the two matching tourers Beans?

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David Manson (not verified)

Extreme front left an Austin, with perhaps a Delahaye between it and the Lancia. But the real puzzle is --3936, between the Austin and the Ford. Gooseneck rear dumbirons, US-style detachable rims, British electrics? Beats me, something pre-War perhaps.

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Guest (not verified)

To the left of the Lancia is an R-R 20 tourer. Austin front left is another 20, as is the Austin extreme right third row. Alvis is a 12/50.

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