1923 Colmore Cup trial

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Autocar Glass Plate A1198a
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This is an absolutely fascinating photograph. I'm 99% certain that it's taken at the top of Gambles Lane, Woodmancote, where this joins the main road from Cheltenham to Winchcombe over Cleeve Hill. The photographer is standing outside the Rising Sun hotel (it's still there) and the competitor is turning up the main road towards Winchcombe after climbing the section. I don't have my copy of Cowbourne to hand but the modern Gambles Lane was also called Rising Sun Lane in the early 1920s. (Note: NOT Sun Rising Lane which is in Warwickshire). You can clearly see the tracks of the tram which climbed Cleeve Hill at this time. The turning circle at the tram terminus is still clearly visible near the Cleeve Hill viewpoint.

Andrew Brown [ http://www.wheelspin.info ]

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Malcolm Parker (not verified)

A superb photo. I will start the identification process with the Rover in the centre of the shot.

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Kevin (not verified)

...whilst the car with the hood up is a 1915-19 Singer 10hp. A.J. Dixon drove one of these in the event so it is quite likely to be him.

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