1921 JCC 200 Mile Race at Brooklands

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Autocar Glass Plate A2577
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2 is Frazer Nash's GN, 3 is Major Empson's AV, 4 is Phillips' Deemster, 5 is Topping's Baby Peugeot,
6 is Ware's Morgan, 7 is Bicknell's Singer 10, 8 is Dixon's Coventry Premier, 10 is Marchant's Bleriot-Whippet,
12 is Wood's Temperino. No 16(?) looks a bit like a Salmson but isn't. Second row L-R, 20 Aston Martin, 21 AC,
22 Marlborough, 23 ABC, 24 Lagonda, 25 Hillman, 26 Alvis (Harvey), 27 Horstman, 28 Alvis, 29 Charron-Laycock, 30 Bugatti, 31 Talbot-Darracq.

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One or two additions and corrections to info previously given. Initials:
W J H Phillips; P H Topping; W Bicknell; A J Dixon; W J Marchant. No 16 (extreme right front row) is indeed a Salmson, driven by Andre Lombard. On the second row, no 28 is not an Alvis but an Enfield-Allday. The Bugatti and Talbot-Darracq on the right of the second row were numbers 31 and 33 respectively, not 30 and 31. Third row L-R: AC, Marlborough, Lagonda, Alvis, Horstman, Charron-Laycock, Bugatti and the winning Talbot-Darracq of Segrave.

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