Email from David Howe - TT cars

1929 TT cars all works (Montgomery is a Super Sport)
At least 6 1930 TT cars 4 works 2 works reps
8 1931 TT cars 4works 4 reps

Definition Works cars, built for Austins themselves to race, replicas(and
this term was not used by Austins themselves)built by Austins for Dealers to race either with professional drvers or amateurs.

Known to exist....
GW 82 ,now without works engine but aTT car

Holly Birketts car still with 1929 TT engine as he had it TT rep

A TT rep in Canada the most original with works engine etc poss ex Cooke 1931 TT , rep

Mine AUY496 1931 car run 1933-35 by Goodacre as Development car ,still with works engine TT car

The Belloroche car became the Brettell it exists but much butchered has GW82 works crankcase.Thought this may have been the Worsley car.
Not all those on your list were TT cars .

But you missed off the Colley car Z----