The Siam Challenge Trophy Race start at 1935 August Bank Holiday Meeting

1935 August Bank Holiday Meeting
1935 August Bank Holiday Meeting
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Autocar Glass Plate C7140
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Info from David Howe, (from original event programme)

Start of race 9, (6 laps of the mountain circuit)

No 1 Raymond Mays
No 7 Eccles in Eccles Special
No 8 Lord Avebury in an Alta
No 9 Driscoll in Austin twincam
No 10 Goodacre in TT Ulster
No 12 R R Jackson in MG

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mark fordGuest (not verified)

please would like any info on RR jackson have JJ JACKSON Fiat 500c 1955 he kept many diarys on servicing cheers mark and thanks

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Guest (not verified)

The Siam Challenge Trophy Race. For completeness, the Bugatti no 2 driven by Cyril Paul, ERA no 4 by "B Bira", Eccles Special no 7 by Roy Eccles, and MG no 12 by A R Samuel.

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JWd (not verified)

Austin No 9 is the white side-valve racer driven by Pat Driscoll
Austin No 10 is the supercharged TT car driven Charlie Goodacre and written about by its owner, Hugh Conway of Rolls Royce & Bugatti fame

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JWd (not verified)

No9 Austin: it really is the white works side-valve racer! The fabled twin cam had rim size drum brakes with no significant gap showing spokes. The side-valve seen here is a much lighter car & you may smile when discover the dates that the twin-cam actually saw the race track.

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