Start of 1922 JCC 200 1500cc Mile race

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Autocar Glass Plate A1112
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Greg Wrapson

This is the line up for the start of the 1500cc 200-Miles Race.
No 3 is Stead's Aston-Martin, 4 is W H Oates' Lagonda, 5 is
Jean Chassagne's Talbot-Darracq, 6 should be Kenelm Lee-Guiness'
T-D (which won), but he hasn't got to the line yet, 7 is Segrave's
T-D, 8 is Joyce's AC, 9 is Kaye Don's AC (hidden in a cloud of
exhaust smoke), 10 is Bertelli's Enfield-Allday, 11 is Chance's E-A,
12 is Woolf Barnato's E-A, 14 is Gordon England's ABC, 15 is Smith's
Eric-Campbell, 17 is Marshall's Bugatti, and 22 is Alastair Miller's

Rather nice details in the backgorund are Archie F-N's GN (no 3) which
came 5th in the 1100cc race, and the 30-98 Vauxhall(probably L G Callingham's)
which led the cars round on the warming up lap.

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