Start of 1922 Brooklands race

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Autocar Glass Plate A683
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Greg Wrapson

Here's my take on these, from right to left. Don't know; A W Robinson in the 1914 GP Mercedes; Humphrey Cook's Vauxhall "Rouge et Noir"; Rampon in the ex-Duff 10-litre Fiat; Hawkes(?) in the Lorraine-Dietrich "Vieux Charles Trois"; M C Park in the TT Vauxhall; Parry Thomas in the Leyland Eight; A G Miller or Kaye Don? in the Wolseley Viper 1 (Hispano aero engine in a Napier chassis).

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Guest Nic Portway (not verified)

I think that there are a few misunderstandings about the Vauxhalls here. The first car (Nearest Camera) is Gibson's 1914 Grand Prix Car. Poor Gibson was killed shortly after this photo was taken. The third car along is Humphrey Cook's first 'Rouge et Noir', an 'E' Type 30-98, registration number XF5325, not his second 'Rouge et Noir' which was a 1922 Tourist Trophy 3-litre car, registered NM1975.

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