GN Akela at 1928 Shelsley Walsh Amateur Hill Climb

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Autocar Glass Plate A9612
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An interesting point. Mucklow's car always seems to have been entered as a Frazer Nash when in his hands. So too was Spider in its early incarnations in Basil Davenport's hands. The former originated as a GN, but Spider was built up from parts acquired directly from Archie Frazer-Nash, and there is no doubt that he had some involvement in the development of both cars. Also interesting that Ringwood ran a twin-cylinder car in the 1924 200-Miles Race clearly labelled "Frazer Nash".

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William Hearne. (not verified)

NOT Basil Davenport in the G.N. Spider but ELF Mucklow in a 1922 G.N. Akela. Spare car at Brooklands 200 mile race, then Ivy cummings, in 1925 Le Champion, then ELF Mucklow, then Basil Davenport, then Stafford East and now me.

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MAC Archivist

Mucklow entered the car as "Frazer Nash 8.7hp" on this day but on other occasions as "Frazer Nash GN". Engine was always GN 1087 cc vee-twin.

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