Charity race at 1922 Brooklands

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Autocar Glass Plate A1061
Driver / Mechanic / Passenger
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Greg Wrapson

No 9 is Wood's Temperino again, 8 is a Bleriot-Whippet, 7 an Enfield-Allday,
and 6 is Malcolm Campbell's Talbot.

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malcolm parker (not verified)

This appears to be a handicap race with the starter (Ebby?)working backwards along the line whilst studying his stopwatch. Wood in the Temperino appears to be next to go. Driver of the Enfield-Allday still has time for a fag!

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martin bryant (not verified)

Campbell is driving number 6, but the car is a 1462cc Fiat in which he finished third in the 90mph Handicap. He did drive the 15hp Talbot that day as well finishing second in the 100mph Handicap and first in the Lightening Handicap

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