Austin Ulsters at Brooklands 1931 JCC Member's Day

1931 JCC Member's Day
1931 JCC Member's Day
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Autocar Glass Plate B6685
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The other Ulsters in this pic are: No6 (leading) GJ 7985,followed by GN 8198, then OV 1265, and GH 23, with GH 4698 following the MG. The identities can be confirmed from Plate B6690, which shows the same collection of cars on the same corner, probably on the following lap, since the order has changed. It took me a little while to decide which car was GN 7985, and which was GH 23, but the passenger in GN has white overalls, with his arm across the back of the car, GH 23's passenger is in dark clothes!
What a splendid collection of photographs!
Mike Costigan

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