Austin Sevens at 1932 JCC High Speed Trials

1932 JCC High Speed Trials
1932 JCC High Speed Trials
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Autocar Glass Plate B7955
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Robin Boyce (not verified)

No 8, PG3935 is Charles Metchim's "Earthquake", the ex Barnes Bros 23 Chummy-bodied special

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Chris Gorringe (not verified)

PL 5432 was driven by my grand father in the JCC high speed trials at Brooklands on 16th July 1932. We, "the family", believe that this picture is of him, Maurice Gorringe. If anybody has any more information on this car, I would love to hear from them. Thanks.

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George Arber (not verified)

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I owned PL5432 when I was an apprentice at The Churchill Machine Tool Company in Broadheath Near Altrincham. I bought it from Eric Turner who worked in the maintenance dept.
I owned the Ulster in the early sixties and it was my everyday transport. I sold it for £80.00 ! How I miss her. I discovered that it was sold at Christies auction house a few years ago for over £35000 ! I would love to see her again.

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HB (not verified)

That looks like an Aston Martin International 2 seater in the background. Any chance of a detail on that one?

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