Austin Seven Ulster on 1932 Inter Varsity Trial

This photo is from a small box marked Trials, Races Etc. and is a copy negative taken from a glass plate so the quality isn't great. Prints could be done, please get in touch via the contact page if you want a print, (including the page number 171).

1932 Inter Varsity Trial
1932 Inter Varsity Trial
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Gosh! This is my car! The first period picture of it I have ever seen. Interestingly, it appears to be running unsupercharged, as I think I spot a starting handle dangling? Gaydon records say it was s/c, paint was yellow, with green wings. It is now red, with black wings not that it makes any difference now... It currently has the ex-Percy Stephenson 'blown engine (112768) which I think he used in his modified Gordon England Racer, or maybe a standard Ulster? Beatrice mentions it in her book, Austin Seven Competition History 1922 - 1939, but not by name. I have a copy of the Factory engine brake-test records, which tally exactly with the strange date marks on the crankcase from 1931. It produced 34.5 bhp @ 5,500 rpm (around 'standard' 'blown Ulster??) and was described 'as a special engine', by Austins, for Stephenson's company - its name escapes me at this moment of shock!! Most importantly, this gives me the little bit of history I have been looking for for the last ten years, assuming the reg is GH 1989, as I can find out, I hope, who entered and was driving it? I don't know who owned it before 1940, although it has had around 20 owners since! Barry Lovelock.

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Thanks Andrew. It appears the driver was G B C Sumner (Gerald), who also drove the LSR Delage and the trials info appeared in Motor Sport Dec '32 p52. Thanks to Greg Wrapson for the latter.

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Patrick Sumner. (not verified)

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I have chanced upon this website. Gerald Sumner was my uncle and his younger brother, Bobby Sumner, my father. Both were active in the 1930's on the Brooklands and hillclimb/sprints scene. As stated, Gerald owned the LSR Delage as well as other cars. Bobby built and drove the Sumner JAP which was quite well known in its day and is described in John Bolster's book 'Specials'. Please contact me if I can help in any way on the history of this Austin. Both Gerald and Bobby are now deceased.

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Barry Lovelock (not verified)

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Hi. I am the current owner of GH1989, Austin emailed me yesterday to say you had commented! I am very interested in any info you may have. As mentioned previously, I have no details before 1940 save those on this site where the picture of the Intervarsity Trial was published. I purchased the car in 1998 and had it shipped it back from Australia where it had been since the late 70s. I would be very grateful if you could contact myself or Austin? Best Regards, Barry. P.S. I'll now check out the Sumner JAP in my book!

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