Austin 7 KC Sports and MG M-Type on 1929 MCC London to Exeter Trial

1929 MCC London to Exeter Trial
1929 MCC London to Exeter Trial
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Autocar Glass Plate B2985
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Donald Cowbourne, in his book British Trial Drivers, Their Cars and Awards 1929-1939, says number 167 is a 'kc'-model. Now I have no knowledge of Austins whatsoever, but perhaps it rings a bell with the people that do?
The driver is K.C. Estall-Cole. In brackets it says E.J. Kehoe. I think Mr Cowbourne means that Kehoe was the entrant, not the driver. The car did finish but didn't win an award of any kind. The Motor is supposed to have published a photograph of the car.
The car behind is a M.G. M-type Midget driven by K.E. Gormly. He won a silver award.
Would it be possible to get a closer look at the registration of this car? Thanks!
And what were they doing on a hill together??? The bouncer in the Austin looks a bit worried to me ... ;)

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The KC was built by KC Bodies Ltd, New Kings Road, Fulham. It was illustrated in the Association mag 1975D, page 25, and appears to be similar to this car. Note the outside exhaust on UW 8481.

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KC may be derived from Kehoe & Cole or possibly simply from KC Cole (or Estall-Cole if you will). Cole started off as the Shuttleworth & Cole business at the same address on New Kings Road. Is this the KC Sports model?

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