Austin 7 Cutler special at 1932 Shelsley Walsh

1932 Shelsley Walsh
1932 Shelsley Walsh
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Autocar Glass Plate B8596
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From Austin 7 forum;

The car is the Cutler Special in Mk 1 form; at this stage it does not contain the 25 stud engine now in David's car, but the supercharged "Ulsterised" magneto engine with which it started its specialised career.

Driver; not sure but might be Gerry Garman again.

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MAC Archivist

This photo was taken on 25th June 1932 when the car was being driven by A.H. Jillings, entered by J.W. Cutler. Time on the first run was 71.2 secs which meant that it was slower than the 65 secs cut-off time so was not allowed a second run.

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