1949 SUNBAC Vesey Cup Trial

1949 SUNBAC Versey Cup Trial
1949 SUNBAC Versey Cup Trial
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Autocar Glass Plate C25828
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Geoff. Harrison (not verified)

Possibly Ken Wharton in one of his early Ford 1172 engined A-7 chassis trials specials .

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Simon Woodall (not verified)

Its not Warton, its Cyril Bold, in a 1080cc BOLD Spl.
The location is Marshbrook, half way between Craven Arms & Church Stretton, Shropshire.
I know because I have a copy of the results in front of me as I type.
The entry number is actually 112. There is no car 119, all the entries were even numbers

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Geoff.Harrison (not verified)

Poor guess on my part - I should have put my thinking cap on ! My result sheets start with the Gloucester 1950 which Cyril Bold won probably in the same .
No pics of car in the relevant Autosport report.

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