1948 (September) Bugatti Owners Club Prescott

1948 (September) Bugatti Owners Club Prescott
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autocar Glass Plate C23204
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Paul Leers (not verified)

Via the MG Triple M Club I found your web-site which is a great site on which I can spent hours.
Since I recently bought the remains of a MG J2 1933 which was raced I am very curious to see if there are photographs of international events. I bought my car in Germany but it actually came from Switzerland. As you say it is correct this archive should be digital and made more free for people who love the old car scene. Thank you for spending time for so may others. Keep on going and like many others I hope you will have time to search for some more MG's.
At the time I stay in Iran and am able to search the internet while waiting.

Paul Leers
The Netherlands

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