1931 MCC Member's Day

1931 MCC Member's Day
1931 MCC Member's Day
Photo reference
Autocar Glass Plate B7224
Registration Number
Driver / Mechanic / Passenger
Entry Number
Event Type
Image Source
James Anderson (not verified)

That's my car ! Driver VL (Victor) Seyd but don't know who passenger/mechanic is.

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If nr. 32 is Seyd, than this photograph was taken during the 4th event of the day, September 26, the Two Lap Scratch Race. Nr. 30 is M.G. C-type C 0260, reg, JO 2288, driven by the Hon. A.D. Chetwynd.
Seyd came in 2nd over-all with a speed of 63.76mph. Chetwynd won with 64.36mph. Sorry ... ;)

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