1931 Irish Grand Prix

This photo is from The Motor and is a scan taken from a glass plate. Please get in touch via the contact page if you want a print, (quoting The Motor Glass Plate 742/6).

1931 Irish Grand Prix
1931 Irish Grand Prix
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The Motor Glass Plate 742/6
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For info;
The info written on the plate "envelope" says;
1931 Irish GP Phoenix Park
DZ de Ferranti
H Hayley
(I think the Hayley should in fact be Kayley)

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In the 1960s, de Ferranti was living in north Wales, possibly Llandudno, and still owned this car. It was believed to be the last surviving one-owner Ulster. I wonder where the car is now?

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I suspect I did know at the time, but have now forgotten it. I may have the details written down somewhere; I'll keep looking!

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From the Programme....

Car no. 25
Entrant, S.A. Crabtree.
Driver, Harry Kayley.
2nd. Driver, -------

Car no. 30
Entrant, Denis de Ferranti.
Driver, Denis de Ferranti.
2nd. Driver, D.F. Pawson

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