1929 JCC High Speed Trials at Brooklands

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Autocar Glass Plate B2254
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The HST was only part of the entertainment at the JCC Members Day. This photo shows the Relay race, in which competitors had to stop after one lap, swap a spark plug from the engine with their team mate, and then complete another lap. L G Bachelier's Bugatti swaps with the Frazer Nash.

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Edward Gilbert (not verified)

It must have been new at the time having its original body and chassis length plus Bugatti front axle and usual Marechal headlamps. When Frank Gilbert bought it for 110 pounds it had had both body and chassis shortened by just over a foot, different headlamps and a huge spotlight plus a Talbot front axle with a wide track and over-efficient self servo brakes. Frank tidied up the crude chassis shortening and obtained a proper axle assembly. The 3 main bearing engine was inadequate for a straight 8 – the otherwise similar T35 engines had five roller bearings. It was willing to rev, but 4,500 was considered the safe limit. It was Frank's everyday car for quite a while before selling sold it for 400.

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