1929 Brighton Concours D'Elegance

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Autocar Glass Plate B2288
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22 is the Riley of Mrs E M Gazzard, 3 Morris Cowley (Miss A Lorenzo), 2 Talbot 14-45 (Miss Kitty Brunell), 13 Ford Model A (Mrs W Bailey), 14 Triumph Super Seven (Mrs Audrey Scudamore), 16 Austin 7 Arrow (G F Simond), 25 Fiat (Miss Peggy Wilson).

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Do you have more information about Mrs Audrey Scudamore, in this picture with a Triumph Super Seven. I have her Singer Lemans 1934 with license plate BKO736.
I'm searching for more information of Mrs Scudamore . All information is welcome. Best regards, Ivo Matthé

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