1927 MCC London to Edinburgh Trial

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Autocar Glass Plate A7835
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A correction needed here. The leading car is a Rover 9 Sports driven by R L Richardson, who was originally entered to drive a Lafitte. The rear view of the same Rover appears in plate A7827, reg no YP 7838, competition no 247. 236 is H G Reigate (Invicta), 238 is D E M Douglas-Morris (Buick), then perhaps a Newton-Ceirano and Vaughan's Salmson, 244 is K F A Walker (Salmson), 246 H E T Barson (Morris Cowley), 245 B R Banks (Morris Cowley), 243 is T R Berry (Salmson). "On the wild and rugged Yorkshire moorland section".

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